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Blog – Marco Barchetti

In the end, a blog is nothing more than a personal diary from the 2000s.

I like the idea of ​​having space where we can share thoughts and ideas. A multimedia room where everyone has the freedom to express themselves, with projects, photos, considerations, criticisms and why not, insults!

They define us Millennials, generation 2000. We were born and raised on the greatest technological turn ever: the Internet!

They have repeatedly asked me to describe the Internet; my idea is that of a building site in perennial work in progress full of garbage, bullshit and sometimes interesting things; you can find anyone, from the bullshit thigs to the turning point in life. You just need to know how to look or just get ass!

Each of us has the right and duty to be part of it, to participate as we can and how we want. Abstention is also a form of participation in its own way.

I throw myself into this project, in my spare time, without any purpose or ambition.

... be in touch!

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